DARK CHOCOLATE dipped in creamy peanut butter makes me happier than it probably should?
. . . and enjoying the LITTLE THINGS in life is a "must" in my book.

I am Becky, and I delight in serving people and businesses through natural light photography.

While passionate about providing clients with stunning images, in my free time you may find me sipping peach tea beachside, practicing the art of WATERCOLOR PAINTING at home, or learning to keep my [few] plants alive . . . including my favorite—a lemon tree.

Capturing the BRILLIANCE of business owners, designers, builders and homeowners alike brings me great JOY.



more palm trees!

palm trees

palm trees

a few of my favorite things . . .



Let's go! . . .

- richmond, va -

". . . who knew you'd end up being the greatest asset to my business!"

- richmond, va -

"Becky, these are perfect, thank you!
. . . you are the best." 

- richmond, va -

"These look amazing . . . truly amazing!"

- richmond, va -

"These are stunning! . . .
I don't even know where to begin."

- richmond, va -

"The photos were everything we could have asked for and more."

brc real estate photoshoot

Capturing interior and exterior highlights of a home (that is for sale, for rent, etc.)* 

*Service currently available in Richmond, VA; seasonally available in Chicago, IL, and Rosemary Beach, FL.

Capturing a finished home remodel or renovation*

brc luxury home photoshoot

*i.e., a residential staged kitchen and / or foyer; a backyard renovation with an outdoor kitchenette / fireplace / pergola / underground pool, etc.

Capturing a variety of showroom / branding shots* that highlight your company's products and / or services and style

brc BRANDING photoshoot

*Photoshoot may include a few candid and / or posed portraits.